“A detailing really is looking at all the details and seeing how perfect you can get them.”

—LJ, Founder of Dubo CSi

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01. Brand Identity

Despite there being a worldwide pandemic underway in 2021, two brothers were able to launch a premium automotive detailing business in Peel Region. It’s more than just detailing though. These clever brothers fix scratched paint, restore headlights, and provide a myriad of cleaning solutions, hence the name Dubo Cleaning Solutions. For their brand they wanted to instantly convey freshness and cleanliness, using strong greens.

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02. Design

Working directly with the client we translated their ideas into a design language that resonated. We encapsulated bubbly, soapy green water inside a single bubble, creating a simple mark that we believe speaks to cleaning. We paired that with a strong sans serif font that ranges from very thick through to thin variants, stamping out the DUBO name prominently.

We also created a set of icons to represent 1. Premium Auto Detailing, 2. Headlight Restoration, and 3. Scratch Removal, used on timelapse and before/after footage of their work. These icons include a sports car drawing that can be pulled out and used in conjunction with the circle mark and text mark, reinforcing the industry Dubo CSi serves.

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03. Development

Starting as always with pencil and paper, Lance sketched out numerous logo variations that later became a vector format for flexibility. The circle logo mark and the text word mark can be paired vertically or horizontally, on both light or dark backgrounds, enabling marking flexibility.

Using these fresh new logos we helped brand all their social media accounts and content. Then we created a beautiful website focused on displaying Dubo CSi’s client testimonials (social proof) and their packages and services, encouraging visitors to book their appointment.

In Dubo CSi’s second year of business we added branded Tees, an A-Frame sidewalk sign, and a second run of business cards.

Brand Identity

Dubo CSi Logo, large
Dubo CSi Logo, vertical with car on dark
Dubo CSi Logo, horizontal on dark
Dubo CSi Logo, horizontal on light
Dubo CSi icon, premium auto detailing
Dubo CSi icon, headlight restoration
Dubo CSi icon, scratch removal
Dubo CSi car logo


Dubo Stationery
Dubo Portfolio Gear


Dubo CSi at Work