Knight & Owl concentrates on creating the highest quality Designs for Social Media, Web, and Print.

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We specialize in creating beautiful websites, brand identities, and marketing assets that communicate your message to your audience.

We have a passion for great design –we love it– we think about it all the time. And, we’re great at it. We have more than 20 years of experience designing for web & print, large & small, and we use that to make sure you leave happy.

Dubo CSi

Brand Identity Package

Automotive Detailing

A Look Inside

In this 30-second film, we animate the logo development process for our philosophical podcast client, The Office Prophet.

Shaun provided clear instructions on how he envisioned his logo and the base photo to get us started. We listened to his request and asked the right questions to determine style, colours, and usage. Then, we became the Prophet’s skilled hands, removing the excess and revealing exactly what he envisioned.

I love it! It’s perfect!

–Shaun Hayward
Host, The Office Prophet

Mercury Wood Products™

Website Redesign + CMS

Decorative Surfaces

KO Reviews


McLean Noble Psychologists

"This is the best service I’ve ever had! Not only was Lance professional and knowledgeable, he walks me through understanding the problem and how to fix it. Totally trustworthy! Knight & Owl makes me look good online!"

–Dr. Cheryl Noble.
Psychologist, McLean Noble Psychologists


Dubo Cleaning Solutions

"Lance is a great designer to work with. He did our logo and website. We're very pleased with the results. Highly recommend Knight & Owl."

–Ljubomir Dubovina.
Founder, Dubo Cleaning Solutions


The Office Prophet

"Lance at Knight & Owl did logo and print-media design for me on two projects. I was so pleased with the process and the results. Lance was able to build a professional presence for me that I couldn't build myself. Knight & Owl is my go-to for any future graphic design and website work. Highly recommend."

–Shaun Hayward.
Host, The Office Prophet



"He is very good at his job. He made me a level 10,000 website which looks amazing and awesome. 11/10 would recommend."

–Brittney-Angel D'Aoust.
Artist, BAD Art


Leclerc Specialty Products

"These guys were the consummate professionals. They developed my rather large project into something far better than the previous company I had dealt with provided. It's a shame no one had told us about them earlier."

–Joseph M. Leclerc.
Founder, Leclerc Specialty Products

Talk to a Human

An Actual, Live Person

When you call KO, you’re going to talk directly to a Human – no A.I. or crappy phone system here. Let’s chat about your business, your current projects, and your hopes and dreams for the future!

Alphas, you guys can do it all, so take your pick!
Zoomers DM us on IG,
Millennials send us a text,
Gen X’rs tap this to fire off an email,
Boomers click this to give us a call.

We’re here to help (make you look good).

Lance Daoust,
Web Development Project Manager

It’s interesting how these groups got their names.
Generation Alpha: 2010s-2020s
Gen Z: 1977-2012
Millennials: 1981-1996
Generation X: 1965-1980
Baby Boomers: 1946-1964
Silent Generation: 1928-1945
Greatest Generation: 1901-1927
Lost Generation: 1883-1900