Lance Daoust

Lance is our Web Development Project Manager. He is responsible for meeting with all of our clients and discovering what their needs are. Every project is like a universe on its own with many interconnected moving parts specific to the client’s field of expertise. Lance takes the time to carefully listen for the fine details and come to a working understanding of what the client’s project goals are.

Lance’s background is actually quite diverse. He’s been in practically every department, in both large and small companies as well as startups. And, he has not always been in the design department. This mix of experience opportunities taught Lance what the decision-makers are looking for and has given him guidance on how to achieve those goals.



    “I understand that talking about design can be difficult. But, don’t worry – I can translate your ideas into meaningful design lingo. If you want it to ‘pop,’ I will find out what that means to you, and it will indeed ‘pop.'”

    –Lance Daoust,
    Web Development Project Manager