Andrés Noworyta


Andrés is our Sr. Art Director – a Master Designer; the kind of guy who can’t just put the toothpaste on the shelf – he perfectly positions it against everything surrounding it. His workspace is not just clean – everything on it has been meticulously selected for its size, shape, colour, and all of them have been arranged perfectly. Design is his life.

Andrés has spent the past 20+ years plugged directly into digital media design. He can create along with contemporary design trends or innovate – whatever is needed to make things “pop.” Andrés is motivated by beautiful design. Good design looks good, but great design is invisible.



    “I don’t know how to explain the way I design, brother. I just sit down with a blank canvas and go with the flow – it just happens to me.”

    –Andrés Noworyta,
    Sr. Art Director