Our New Normal

While Knight & Owl is a web-based business we have not escaped the impact of the world-wide pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I wanted to share some information and expectations.

Safety Measures

We work remotely in our home offices, so your safety is not a factor on this regard.

New Projects

We are accepting new projects for web development and social media management.

Our usual project timelines can potentially be extended as a result of the various restrictions and impacts created by the pandemic. Details are unique to each project, so depending on what’s required, the timeline could be minimally to somewhat affected. We are not currently in a situation where severe delays are a factor.

Client Meetings

I will meet with clients under circumstances where a physical meeting is required and business cannot be conducted via phone or online (Telegram, email, or video call).

Regardless of meeting location, I would like to request that face masks are worn by all parties, and I will not make physical contact with anyone. It would seem that the handshake has died.

Lance Daoust,
Knight & Owl Web Dev. Project Manager

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