“When I was a kid I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

—Barack Obama

Item No.

01. Logo Development

The Golden Haze Smoke Shop, a startup based out of Toronto, was looking for something professional yet distinctive for their brand. We wanted to ensure that we captured the elements of heat, flame, and/or smoke when we set out to develop this logo.

Item No.

02. Recognizability

We felt that their customers would be able to immediately identify the Golden Haze brand by merging those iconic symbols to brand’s initials and adding rich yellow and orange flame against the dark background.

Item No.

03. Type Choices

In the final design you see that we transformed ‘G’ and ‘H’ into richly coloured flames enclosed in a circle, heavily contrasted against the dark background, and nestled between instantly recognizable and easy to read fonts.

Logo Development